When businesses talk about moving to the cloud, they are talking about having the IT services that they generally use daily, hosted online.

Something that used to be stored locally on physical hardware, usually in the same building, is now available to access over the internet. In effect using the internet as your network.

This has the benefit of convenience, accessibility, scalability and having full control over your operations.


The cloud, with the most talked about advantages being cost, scalability, accessibility and reliability is often seen as a chance to migrate from the troublesome Capex model to the more flexible and controlled Opex model,

negating the worry of budgeting and the nasty expensive surprises that lurk around the Capex corner.


Businesses can move their email systems, office suites, server architecture and more to the cloud. There are a range of services that IP Technology provide to fill most requirements regardless of complexity.


Not all applications perform well in the cloud, especially legacy applications, simply because they are not designed to use this type of architecture, this is why at IP Technology we spend the time getting to know what makes your business tick, doing our due diligence thoroughly and if need be designing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for troublesome applications.

For a lot of start-ups it makes great economic sense to use the cloud for the IT services that they need. Costs are minimal, there is no need for dedicated IT administrators to support the hardware and systems, and the set up process is very quick and efficient.

Businesses can access these services from anywhere, not just at a computer located at their offices, but from home, the airport, even in a field in the middle of nowhere, all you need is an internet connection and a device to connect you.



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