Having designed our own data centre is something we worked very hard to achieve at IP Technology. And since we designed it ourselves, we were able to design it around the way that we and our customers work together.

We designed the network and the current server configuration from the software to the shell. We even designed the lighting, aircon and redundant power flow. Everything has been thought of to allow our customers to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Servers within our data centre are fed power through an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) that takes raw power from the utility company to control, modulate, and supply power to our server racks. The UPS prevents power surges or local brown outs from affecting server performance.

Power typically flows from the local utility company to our UPS system to power our Data Centre’s lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems. In the unlikely event that the local utility power supply is disrupted, our backup generators have the capacity to run forever...


Our network speed and capacity eliminates bandwidth bottle necks to assure high volume, instantaneous response for hosted applications.

By using direct Internet connections we bypass transit networks and shorten the network path between your servers and your users. This result is lower latency, maximum speed and unsurpassed reliability. In short, we provide you with connectivity, bandwidth and stability your business requires to stay one step ahead.

Our Data Centre hardware is hand-picked and provisioned by our Data Centre team which means we can offer you a flexible platform for your hosting allowing you to scale up or scale down as your business requirements change.


We have trained Data Centre administrators on site who are always ready to deal with any problems you may be having. We also have a remote team watching over our network and operations at all times, looking for and solving issues before they happen. Maintaining a proactive approach to operational & service issues with a focus on prevention rather than fix.


Here at IP Technology, we work tirelessly to make sure that your servers stay available, stay fast, and stay supported with the latest in hosting technology.