Data Centre's are usually used to house large I.T infrastructures. They are commonly operated by large companies to support the organisation’s own business and also, in the case of Cloud providers like IP Technology, to provide Cloud services for customers who have already moved to cloud based infrastructure.

A company’s success typically depends on the smooth operation of its software & hardware. This is guaranteed through the very construction of the
IP Technology data centre, the use of failsafe technology, and the optimised organisational processes employed.

Fundamental aspects of our Data Centre are...


  • Clean Power Supply (No Distortion)

  • Variable Air Cooling

  • Controlled Security Access

  • Monitored Internet Access

  • Bandwidth Allocation

  • Smoke Detection

  • Fire Suppressant

  • Microsoft Qualified Administrators

  • On Site Engineers

  • Redundant Sites

  • Perimeter Security

  • CCTV

  • Dedicated Help Desk

  • Multiple Uplinks

  • Secondary DR Site


Redundancy is another critical aspect that safeguards against technical failures. For example, our Data Centre utilises a UPS system that is designed to automatically switch to DC power when it senses any power outages and in addition, on site diesel generators provide electricity in an emergency to the entire building. These generators, when kept topped up with fuel, have the capacity to run forever. The cooling systems used by IP Technology ensure efficient cooling is available at a constant stabilised temperature throughout the Data Centre.

Should the unthinkable happen and our main DC becomes unavailable, our secondary Data Centre environment can be brought online within minutes.



We're sorry, only authorised personnel are allowed to enter the Data Centre, and all sensitive areas of the Data Centre can only be accessed using a uniquely created security access fob.



Internal and external low light level security cameras and break glass sensitive vibration switches ensure the security of the building with the main alarm systems being monitored and recorded 24x7x365. The site is also patrolled.

Security and access to the site itself is protected both physically and digitally.