Designing and maintaining your business network and considering its future growth are both critical to the success of your business.


At IP Technology our team aims to work with you to create the best solution for your individual business. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you to maximize the effectiveness, reliability and scalability of your network.


We can supply, configure, and fit everything from the choice of cabling to the complete server design and deployment. We can also help with network printing and network scanning solutions.



Switches and routers come with hundreds of features and functions. However, engineering too many of these features into the network can make things complicated.

Here at IP Technology we recognise the business's needs without making the network overly complex.



Just because 10 Gigabit Ethernet is here today and higher speeds are coming does not mean that you may need those ports all over your LAN.

All too often we find new customers have purchased the fastest equipment possible thinking they need it, even though their existing 100 Mbps network is only running at 5% capacity.



Network uptime becomes more critical every year. Have you considered network redundancy from a physical and logical perspective? 

Come and speak to us about Server Hosting, Terminal Services and our Hosted Services.


Here at  IP Technology when designing a customer's network we try to standardise on device types, as opposed to using a different type of switch, for example, in every wiring closet throughout the building.

Standardising on a few types of hardware simplifies configuration and troubleshooting, speeds up installation times and saves you money.

We can provide the support that you’re network requires in the format that you prefer, from a fullService Level Agreement with complete support, to an ad-hoc “Pay As You Go Agreement” and everything in between.


Whichever support model best suits your business needs our services department can provide it.


For more information about how we can help with designing or extending your network call 01794 524003 or email us at