Managed hosting is usually an extension of dedicated hosting, whereby the required hardware is owned by the hosting provider and is leased to a single client. It differs from other forms of dedicated hosting in that the day to day management and maintenance of the servers is handled by the hosting provider rather than by the clients themselves.


Server hosting refers to off site management and upkeep of the hardware resources that are designated for a company’s use.

By paying a monthly fee for a hosting service, companies can reap the benefits of having a full I.T infrastructure without all the cost associated with equipment maintenance, training and updates.

The cost of purchasing server hardware and hiring I.T staff is beyond the financial capabilities of many companies and small businesses. A typical organisation requiring its own server might spend thousands of pounds buying hardware, installing it onsite, equipping it with proper security and redundancy measures and keeping on full-time I.T staff to ensure its ongoing functionality. The need for a single server or multiple servers quickly escalates from a small investment in the hardware to a four or five-figure sum that requires ongoing attention and costly resources.


By enlisting the help of IP Technology's hosting service, businesses can remove the costly need for keeping server resources on site and in house. They no longer have to maintain the hardware, ensure its upkeep or even worry about troubleshooting in moments of crisis.

IP Technology's hosting service takes care of everything to ensure your server is always available for your company’s needs when you need it 24x7x365.

The typical server hosting solution is made up of three different services: managed hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

Businesses can benefit greatly by moving away from the traditional I.T expenditure Capex (capital expenditure) model to a more stable & manageable Opex (operational expenditure) model.

Server Management within IP Technology's secure hosted environment offers the following services and management options…


Operating System Updates & Critical Patching

Application Updates & Patching

Critical & Non Critical Server Monitoring

Latest Hosting Platforms

Technical Support / Helpdesk Services

Firewall & Security Configuration Services

Anti-Virus Scanning & Anti-Spam Filtering Services

Backup & Restoration Testing

Intrusion Detection & Penetration Testing

Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption

Performance Tuning

User Management & Administration

Monitored Uninterruptable Power Supply

Cooling and Power Monitoring

Future Proof Infrastructure

Managed Storage

Enhanced Secure Hosting Environment

2nd Failover Site (Data Center)

Geologically Diverse Online backup Servers


In the simplest terms, Managed Server Hosting means that IP Technology will take care of all your server related issues. You not only have the option to lease the hardware from us, but you also have the option to relocate your own servers into our secure monitored environment to take advantage of our portfolio of related services.


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