Having your critical business data backed up automatically every night offsite at three secure data sites is considerably safer than having one of your employees take your backup tape or removable media drive home only to have it lost, stolen, inadvertently wiped, or destroyed by their dog.. Sorry Rocky...!


Online backup systems are proven to be a much better solution for data protection than old fashioned tape based systems.

There are no tapes to become chewed, no tape drives to jam and maintain, and no expensive replacements to worry about every couple of years. No remembering to swap tapes, no remembering to take tapes home, and no remembering to take the same tapes back into work every so often. That's a lot to remember.

IP Technology's award winning online backup solution, you can forget all about tapes and tape devices.

We monitor your backup daily, and we test it regularly with scheduled restores. It works every night without fail and more importantly, without human intervention.


IP Technology's award winning Online Backup solution offers a cost-effective, fully automated, efficient online backup and recovery service powered by industry leading software.

Data is encrypted and backed up to 3 secure geographically diverse locations for maximum protection and guaranteed availability of all backed up data.

With the online backup service from IP Technology your daily data backup is fully automated. Every day your data will be stored safely in secure off site locations, 24 x 7 x 365.



Although once touted as being the most economical backup method per gigabyte of data, tape drives and media are now considerably more expensive than on line backup.



Magnetic media is subject to degradation due to heat, humidity, dust, mishandling, electromagnetic forces, and ordinary wear.



Unless a full verification of each backup is performed (which takes as long as the backup itself), there's no way to know for sure whether your backup is going to be reliable.



Tapes are sequential-access devices, and are best suited for full-system restores. Finding and restoring individual documents can be a long, slow, and cumbersome process.



Most tape backups are done at night while the machine is unattended, and the previous night's tape is in someone's jacket pocket at best, but more likely still at work in a draw.

As with any removable media, security is a concern both while the machine is unattended and while the tape is in transport.


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