IP Technology Ltd was established in 2002 with a simple but effective ethos...  "Take the technobabble and mystery out of the equation and keep it simple..." Plain speaking leads to better understanding which in turn leads to more effective solutions.


With a combined industry experience of over 50 years our roots are firmly planted in Information Technology and customer service.

Here at IP Technology we understand the value of creating long term customer partnerships and our customers continue to benefit from these relationships built over many years with IP Technology.

In fact the majority of our start up customers still choose IP Technology to take care of their data and I.T requirements.


As a support company we appreciate that the last people you really want to see in your offices is your I.T people. If their onsite, that usually means that something has gone wrong.

The advanced turnkey systems that IP Technology design and implement are created to provide customers with the most efficient, robust and hassle free, tailored solution, both on and off site.


We are a Small to Medium Enterprise ourselves, so we know all too well just how business critical your I.T system is. We also appreciate how important it is to have the peace of mind that your I.T support company can provide a fast and knowledgeable response to all your support issues.


With dedicated, experienced staff, UK Helpdesks and Microsoft qualified frontline technicians, it is not only our passion, but our mission to ensure that you are supported every step of the way through your business journey.


For more information about the host of services provided by IP Technology call 01794 524003 or email us at info@ip-technology.com